Lovers, I am so excited to show you the new FUCKING FANCY merchandise. 

This brand new shape is an absolute dream, but don't worry it's no pyramid scheme. Ha... haha. Get it, triangle, pyramid. You get it.


Each piece is hand crafted by the incredible Absurd Little Bird in Melbourne, Victoria.

She absolutely wins the 'I learn't a super awesome new skill in lockdown and started a business' award. Each pair is made with lazer cut acryilic, a metal jump ring, and has a super sturdy post with butterfly clasp. We made it our business to get the strong clasps so they wont slip off when you're out on the town. 


Earrings are 7.5 cms down & 6cms across at widest point.

How to take care of them:

Try not to store them in direct sunlight.

The don't love swimming or taking showers.

Tell them you love them everyday.


F**KING FANCY Triangle Earrings

  • These FANCY treats are swaddled snug as a bug by protective bubble wrap & cardboard packaging before they are sent to their new homes. No refunds unfortunately lovers, but if they are randomly faulty let me know and we can excange them for a new pair.